Hotel Policy

To Our Esteemed Customers

1. Please be advice that the management of the hotel will not be responsibility for any article left unattended in your room. We urge you to use either the safe deposit box located in your room or at the reception desk for safe keeping your valuables. You will be issued a receipt. Please refer to the separate instruction on "How to use the safe deposit" located in your room.

2. The electric power installed in your room are rated 220 Volts only. To avoid damage to your equipments and minimize the chance of fire caused by electricity, please refer to your equipment's voltage requirement prior to plugging it to the power source. Limited number of voltage converters are available to borrow. Please contact the receptionist for availability.

3. Please help us save the environment & keep our operating cost low. If you only wish the bed sheets and the towels be changed, place the "Change The Sheets & Towels" card on your bed.

4. Upon leaving or departing from your room, please make sure the lights and T.V. sets are switched off and all the water tabs are turned off completely.

5. If you notice a water leakage or any electrical problem, please inform the receptionist immediately.

6. Upon your departure, please lock the room's door and hand over the key to the receptionist.

7. Checkout time is 11:00 a.m. local time. If you wish to extend your stay, please advice the receptionist as early as possible. Otherwise, you will be charge for additional day.

8. Please be aware that the number of guest must not exceed the number of beds in the room.

9. In order to keep other guests comfort & privacy, please refrain from:

- Chatting and playing music excessively loud

- Washing and drying of cloth of any kind in your room

- Cooking or heating of meals in the room

- Wandering in the public area or dinning in the restaurant with pajamas or improper outfits

- Consuming of meals or beverages not served by the hotel

- Smoking in the room is strictly forbidden

For additional information please feel free to contact the receptionist on duty.

The Management

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